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Notable Destination: Miami, FL

Miami Nights

A Travel Notebook choses Miami, Florida as the pick destination this week. Yes, it’s freezing in the northeast and all I can do is wish for warmer temps but,  with so much to offer, Miami is the quintessential travelers paradise. Chock full of cultural exhibits, music and art festivals, luxury shopping and unbeatable weather, Miami has something for everyone.

Miami International Airport (MIA) is a bustling thoroughfare accepting flights from all over the world. Average fares this time of year from the North East will run about $300. Search around for the best deals. For example, choosing to fly into Fort Lauderdale and driving 40 minutes could save you a few bucks too.

Hotel accommodations in Miami run the gamut from one-star dives to five-star celebrity mainstays. It’s your choice. Check out TripAdvisor‘s hotel reviews before making a decision.
I’ve always been relatively pleased at The Mandarin Oriental and the Ritz-Carlton South Beach.

Prime 112 Miami

Prime 112 Miami

Hungry? Miami has a multitude of tasty eateries for one to choose. Craving Cuban? Head on over to Puerto Sagua and sample their authentic dishes. Seafood or steak lover? Check out Prime 112 located in the Browns Hotel. Check out the delectable menu from Barton G in Miami. You cannot go wrong at this place.

Upcoming events in Miami: the 9 Mile Music Festival featuring several of the legendary Bob Marley’s offspring, Miami International Film Festival, the Carnaval 8k run, and the World Golf Championships.

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