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Bumbling with Baby? BabyBjorn to the Rescue


We love our family trips and vacations but let’s be honest,  traveling with a small baby can reduce the most agile, cool and confident individual into a bumbling, perspiring, confused wanderer.  As an avid traveler, I had been used to whisking through domestic and international airports with ease, arriving at the gate just as the doors were about to close and settling into my seat with nothing but a small carry-on and a good book.

And then the small child was born. His first trip at 4 months old was sheer madness for this new mommy. Although I pride myself on being great at researching travel tips, super-organized, and a self described gadget guru,  I clearly was not ready!  We were headed to our second home on Anguilla for the annual Summer Festival in August of 2008.  I tried to prepare as best I could. I had already decided not to take the car seat (I could rent one if needed), but just traveling with baby, the Maclaren stroller, the bustling baby bag (stuffed with diapers, extra clothes, milk, breastfeeding supplies, toys, etc.), my own carry-on bag (won’t leave home without a laptop), I felt so discombobulated. And I wasn’t even at the airport yet! In the 9th hour I had an epiphany and remembered my BabyBjorn  carrier stuffed into my luggage to be checked.  I snatched it out.  I strapped baby to my chest and used the stroller as a cart for my carry-on bags. Aahhh.. Now I was moving around with ease once again. Ok, not total ease but much easier!

I like this new BabyBjorn carrier called Miracle and it is designed to help accommodate larger babies and save your perpetually aching back.  According to BabyBjorn,  the Miracle provides:Bjorn Miracle

  • Back and shoulder relief

    The waist belt can transfer the weight of your baby to your hips to relieve your back and shoulders.

  • Unbeatable ergonomics

    The adjustable design makes this baby carrier an ergonomic miracle.

  • The most comfortable for the baby

    Extra soft fabric and no seams that can chafe your baby’s sensitive skin.

Currently priced at $143 on Amazon I think its worth a shot.  What tools, tips and tricks do you use when traveling with baby?

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