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Failed to Plan for Valentine’s Day? It’s Not Too Late!

In this day and age of juggling multiple balls in the air with work and family obligations it’s easy to misjudge the amount of time you have to plan for that special day.  So here we are, February 14th, Valentine’s Day,  and after the apple of your eye bestows upon you  a lovely gift you stare into space because you thought you had just one more day to get your gift in order.  Fear not, here are a few tools to assist you in not having to hear about “the year you forgot.”

The Bryant Park Hotel1.  Check out the phone app Hotel Tonight and search for last minute deals in your city and plan a night on the town ending with a cozy stay at a hotel.  For instance:  in New York you can book the Bryant Park Hotel for $199 tonight (normally $275).  Or if you’re in Toronto you can book the Cosmopolitan Hotel for $129 and the hotel will bless you and your date with 2 free glasses of wine as part of their “Valentine’s Day Slacker Special.”  Once you book your stay,  do not hesitate to use the hotel concierge to assist you with impressing your love with everything from flowers upon arrival, dinner reservations, spa treatments, etc.  The concierge is your friend when in a pinch.

2. No need for a hotel?  Want a romantic dinner?  Look to OpenTable.com to help reserve a table at a myriad of restaurants in your area.  You’ll be surprised who still has tables available for dinner tonight.


3. Got miles?  Bless your love with enough frequent flier miles to fly free on her next vacation.  Most airlines will allow you to “gift” some of your miles to another person.  Accompany those miles with a nice new fashionable luggage bag and I don’t think your mate will be too upset. While everyone else is buying jewelry and trinkets, the luggage stores will be all yours in the mall. I love this Gucci carryon bag and at $790 it won’t break the bank.

What are your favorite last minute gifts for Valentine’s Day?

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