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Car Seat Jacket Yay or Nay?

Car seat Jacket

Car Seat Jacket

Keep your baby on-the-go comfy and warm.
Center zipper and elasticized edges for comfortable fit and temperature control. Fits all infant car seats.

Luxury weather resistant cover. Allows safety harness to rest directly on the child. Keeps baby safe by eliminating the need for bulky clothes or blankets that won’t stay put. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends that no heavy or bulky clothes be worn by a child when secured in their car seats. Doing so prevents the snug fit of the harness belt and compromises the child’s safety. Parents should avoid using bunting or car seat covers that thread through the harness straps of their child’s car seat as doing so can interfere with the proper function of the car seat.

Tivoli Couture’s Car Seat Jacket goes over the car seat so there is no fabric between the car seat and the baby. Center zipper opens completely like a jacket for easy access to the child and temperature control. The cover is very thick and well insulated for extra warmth and coziness.

Made of wind and water-resistant material and cozy fleece. Integrated collar shields from wind and elements. Elasticized edges for snug and comfort fit. Fits infant car seats and most standard size strollers.

The child must be properly buckled in a car seat before Tivoli Couture’s Car Seat Jacket is put on.

  • Handy front pocket
  • Integrated collar to shield from wind and other weather elements
  • Center zipper opens for easy access and temperature control
  • Elasticized edges for snug and comfort fit
  • 100% polyester and insulated for extra warmth
  • Ages: 0-1
  • Made in USA

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