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The Saxon Hotel : South Africa’s Best

Several years ago, I had the pleasure of having dinner at The Saxon Hotel in Johannesburg, South Africa.  I was also taken on a tour of the grounds, suites, spa and the opulent Nelson Mandela Presidential Suite.  One word: breathtaking.  I seriously considered hiding in the suite and stowing away for a few weeks.  No, seriously, the only thing that stopped me was the fear that I’d be thrown in a South African jail for theft of services.

From the luxurious suites to the stunning art collection, abundant wine cellar and mouth watering cuisine, I really can’t imagine a better property in South Africa.  If there is, please send my way.

This property is tops on my bucket list.. Of all the places I’ve been The Saxon Hotel has by far left the most indelible mark on my brain.  Check it out and share your thoughts..

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Ready to book your stay?  Visit http://www.saxon.co.za and tell them A Travel Notebook sent you!!

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